Thursday, 10 April 2014

[week 14 ] Martin Amis

Martin Amis

so far after research on Martin's photo. i love this picture alot. i just gave me a very free and easy feeling. like throw me back to the olden days where theres no stress on me during secondary school, all i need to do is play football and basketball. the back ground is nicely shoot. and he is very good at choosing places .

to me. this picture dont really works well. i think that is just a normal room in most of our house. nothing special is taken in this picture. if i will to put this picture and show to anyone. i guess none of the people will say that this picture is special.

the power of nature. some times it really does not do too much things to create a very nice picture. all we need is to observe more, and choose a right angle to shoot it. well done .

is this a candid shoot? if is . amazing emotion capture by martin. i love how he position the people behind. is like a arrow shape. should try this next time .

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