Thursday, 3 April 2014

[week 12 ] Alex Prager

Alex Prager

Alex prager is a film maker and photographer, who’s work has a strong cinematic quality to her work. Hailed as the next Hitchcock with a style leaning back to the beautiful 50s and 60s; dramatic scenes shot in an intense and artistic way.

Both Stan Douglas and Alex Prager make elaborately staged photographs that look like film stills. They both use photography to create oblique fictional narratives that baffle and intrigue. It's left to the viewer to figure out the bigger picture from the various references – cinematic and literary as well as photographic – embedded in the images.

Photographer Alex Prager is known for her cinematic intensity, combining the best elements of film noir, 70's retro fashion, pulp fiction and modern-day celebrity icons. Her past works have riffed off of films like Hitchcock's 'The Birds,' Godard's 'Week-end' and Michael Powell's 'The Red Shoes,' creating visual candy, which combine LA today and film past, future, forgotten and imaginary.

Her newest collection of film shorts for the New York Times features 2011's biggest film stars as nefarious film icons, from Brad Pitt channeling David Lynch's 'Eraserhead' to Rooney Mara of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' revamping 'A Clockwork Orange.' The collection will have you dizzy and drooling in seconds, guaranteed, whether by the drama of the film or the beauty of the celeb selection. Go on, take a bite.

She is one of those telented girl that knows how to set up scene to capture image .

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