Saturday, 5 April 2014

[week 13 ] Adam Von Mack

Adam Von Mack

first of all. i think that this photographers nice is unique. i just cant forget this nice name after all.
she is a german fashion designer and photographer base in hong kong and europe.

this is so attractive. the way she took the model is so standardize but nice. every picture she took can really express the sexy of the model.

the way she position her model is totally perfect. she really did full use of their beauty in photo.the lighting too plays a very big role in her photography.

she often take photos for advertisement or promoting brands. every cloth she chose is also important to fit in the model. this black and white photo i dont think is really effective although she wanted to protrait the loneliness of the girl? but she is so sexy how to be lonely you tell me. HAHA

well taken . can totally sees the beauty in the model. also the cloth is really capturing the audience attention. full use of key light to enhance the effect.

this looks abit weird to me. the emotion that is portrait out by the model just doesnt seems right.
and plus the effect she put in. just dont make me look at the picture any longer.

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