Monday, 24 February 2014

[week 6] Annie Liebovitz

Annie Liebovitz does fine photographic portraits and is most well known for her work with Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone magazine. Her photographs are intimate, and describe the subject. She was unafraid of falling in love with the people she photographed.

 The most interesting thing that stood out to me about her is that she denies having brilliant ideas, she says they are stupid, very simple ideas. Regardless, she has the confidence to carry through with these ideas, and an amazing eye.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

[week 5] Jerry Uelsman

jerry Uelsman  created unique images with composite photographs. Being very talented in the darkroom, he used this skill in his composites. He never used digital cameras, since he felt that his creative process was more suited to the darkroom.

Jerry Uelsmann’s photos look as if they have been photoshopped, but they have not.  He is very skilled in the dark room, creating often eery composite images.  His goal is not to show the viewer something familiar, but take them to a new place, a fantasy.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

[week4] Florian Ritter

Florian Ritter is a German photographer living with his family in Shanghai, China since 2009. His true passion is to capture rough landscapes and people far from known civilization. Due to the financial demands of today’s world, he also quite enjoys photographing babies and toddlers, products, furniture and interior.

i do like his picture because it gave me a sense of setting up the area to capture the picture. but actually is a natural resources that he observe and captured it without setting up the environment.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

[week 3] Jay Maisel

Jay Maisel is a famous modern photographer. His photos are simple, and he doesn’t use complex lighting or fancy cameras. He often only takes one lens on photo outings, and he enjoys taking photos of shapes and lights that he finds interesting.
If anyone knew how to make things happen it was Jay Maisel.  His photography career began in 1954 and gained  momentum simply because he was “out there.”  His remarkably diverse portfolio incorporates famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Miles Davis, magazine covers including the legendary swimsuit covers for Sports Illustrated, jazz albums and annual reports.  His signature talent was his ability to capture the light, colour and action found in daily life.

Joy Maisel amassed numerous awards over the years, but he is loved for generously sharing his knowledge via lecture series.  He is inspiring a new generation to make things happen.