Thursday, 20 March 2014

[week 10] francois xavier marciat

francois xavier marciat

his is one of those photographers who does like to take photo with black and white. This picture should be taken with a very long shuttle speed thats why every thing is so clear and HD. i personally love this picture alot. it just gave me the feeling of home sweet home . wanting to spend some time with my families looking at the sky. the cloud looks to be over layered alot of times and it really lure me to count how many stack is it. haha

is really depends on how we want to frame our picture to give the best effect. this picture uses lines to make it feel so open and relax. but i dont really feel what he is trying to protrait here, just that guy sitting in the train maybe pondering something?

i guess after looking at so many photographer taking black and white pictures. i thinks that is really easy to do that. all you need is to make ur picture black and white and it will automatically light up the emotion of the photo.


This picture is from Francois-Xavier Marciat's collection; "Miscellaneous & Colored" I really found his photos interesting because they have amazing contrast and composition. Most of his photo's are landscape shots. I also really liked his shots, because he likes to take 2 photos and put them together, making one photo. i liked this photo because of the depth. and you could really see the texture of this photo well. I think this is a photo of some sort of cave.

creative ideas. is really something interesting that i wish to learn from photography. i love this kind of photo. using object to replace something and give another kind of effects. wonderful.

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