Saturday, 1 March 2014

[WEEK 7 ] The Wade Brothers

The Wade Brothers 

The Wade Brothers were hired to produce a fully integrated campaign for MADD. This included a :60 and :30 second tv spot and 4 print ads. All elements were produced in one production day, using a single crew. The Wade Brothers worked directly with a PR firm to create more than 50 Word of Mouth placements. The :60 second spot was also shown as pre-roll in geo-targeted cinemas. The whole effort was not without controversy: breaks the story.

Fly 53: House of Fly 53

FLY53 a British apparel company engaged The Wade Brothers to create an edgy fashion campaign with motion and still assets intended to reach across platforms, with the main video particularly cued for viral success. The result: an 8 minute long-form video tour of The House of Fly 53, revealed at the Bread and Butter trade shows. The rooms symbolize confession, revival, retribution, torment, atonement and divinity. The :30 second short-form version was placed online and in rich media ad campaigns. The Wade Brothers paired the video with a full print campaign. The video, print and viral pieces were all shot at the same time, maximizing production costs, talent fees and other out-of-pocket expenses.

I love this picture very much . the way he manage the light sources like the key light back light and fill light. and the shadow seems to be totally empty. i mean the back ground.

innovating ideas to showcase different customers in the hotel room and hw they behave in different perspective 

Room 107 is a personal project, with stills shot by Lyndon Wade and motion generated by The Wade Brothers. Many of these images are hanging in the Lumas Gallery.

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